Welcome, parents, step-parents and caregivers! How are you?

Are you overwhelmed by constant whining? Is sibling rivalry driving you crazy?

Are you having a hard time with your child's tantrums and behaviour?

Are you feeling exhausted and burnt out?

Is your experience of parenting not quite what you have expected it to be?

You are not alone! These feelings are familiar to many parents, including myself. However, the good news is that parenting can be fun, and not only that - it can bring the best in you and your child.

So do you want to feel more joy and less stress as a parent?

I can help you get there after just one coaching session! How will I do it?

As parents, we usually have a list of pressing concerns and issues (that at times drive us completely crazy). During our Goal-oriented coaching session, we will go through these problems and determine the actions that will help you overcome them. I will help you develop the goals that you want to achieve as a parent, and we will produce a list of concrete actions to achieve them. In most cases, if you commit to these actions, you won't even need the second session. However, if you feel like you need to fine-tune some of the goals and/or actions, then you can have another session after a testing the actions out for a bit.

For some of you, talking about parenting and its challenges might bring up some deeper issues, in which case you may wish to have a few Self-Discovery sessions with me exploring different parts of your personality and discovering your True Self.

My goal as a coach is to get you as quickly as possible to a place where you can feel empowered as a parent, where you and your child treat each other with understanding, respect and empathy. I want to bring more joy into your parenting experience, to help you raise happy children and lead a fulfilled life. So get in touch with me today to book a free session to see how I can help you!

“Masha is insightful, joyful and prompt to answer all manner of questions. She has an incredible depth of understanding on every subject. I’ve only known her for a short while and already she has been a huge help to me. I can not recommend anyone more highly.”

“ Thank you for the advice, I've thought about it a lot over the last couple of weeks and the changes we've made have been beneficial... It makes a lot of sense what you've said and I feel much more positive about things lately. ”

“ I had the opportunity to put some of the strategies into practice last night, and although it took a while to bring [my child] round, it felt like a much better outcome than usual.  ”

What else do I offer?


Apart from private coaching, I offer workshops for parents with various needs and concerns, so make sure you check out what's on offer at the moment.

If you would like to focus on exploring your personality and discover your true Self, then check out my Self-discovery sessions.

Check out my YouTube channel with videos with help and advice for common challenges that we face as parents.

About Masha

I am Masha Zakharova, the founder of parents coaching. I am a certified coaching and therapy professional with a BA in Psychology and a PhD in Political Science. I have also been raising 3 boys as a Mum and a Step-Mum together with my partner Andrew in East London, UK. I have gone through many ups and downs of parenting and step-parenting. I am originally from Russia; I lived in Canada for 9 years, and have been living and working in London since 2015.

I love people! I love inspiring and encouraging people of all ages, and bringing smiles to their faces. I hope I can help bring joy and fun into your life as well.

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